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LIS 2004 Fall 2015 (Laurie Hime): Assignment / Quiz 1

Laurie Hime

Assignment/Quiz 1

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LIS2004 – Lessons 1 & 2 Quiz

Lesson 1

1.What are the two parts of an email address?

a) url and user name b) zip code and domain name c) username and domain name

2. The rules of responsible communication on the Internet are referred to as?

a) Politically Correct Internet b) Internet Use Protocol c) Nice Interaction Online d) Netiquette

3.What is the Ask a Librarian service?


4. Sites that allow users to share files, pictures, and develop networks of friends are referred as:

a) Listservs b) Discussion groups c) Social networking sites

5. On the back of this paper write a paragraph on how you use the Internet to communicate.

Lesson 2

6. What are two differences between a scholarly and popular source:

7.  The name of the feature on the library website that allows you to chat live with a Florida Libarian is called what? 

a. Talk out loud   b.  Ask a Librarian   c.  Chat in Florida    d. LIS chatroom


8.  Which Boolean operator broadens a search?  a)  AND  b) OR   c) NOT

9.  Which Boolean operator narrows a search?    a)  AND   b) OR  c) NOT

10.   List three keywords that you would use to search for the following topic:

       “Does violence on television affect children?”

      _______________________, ___________________, _____________________