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LIS 2004 Fall 2015 (Laurie Hime): MLA Citation Examples

Laurie Hime

MLA Style Examples

Examples Of MLA Citations


Skerry, Philip J. Psycho in the Shower: The History of Cinema’s Most Famous Scene. New York:

     Continuum, 2009. Print.


Journal Article


Lipka, Sara. "A Blog Gives Professors  Space to Vent About Their Students.”  The Chronicle  of

                Higher Education 52.2 (2006): 37. General One File. Web. 11 Nov. 2014



“An American Ballroom Companion: Dance Instruction Manuals, ca. 1490-1920.” American

     Memory. Library of Congress, 17 Aug. 2005. Web. 22 July 2014.



Dial M for Murder. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock. Perf. Grace Kelly, Ray Milland and Robert Cummings.

     1954. Warner Home Video, 2004. DVD.