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LIS 2004 Fall 2015 (Laurie Hime): Use PsycArticles

Laurie Hime

To Access PsycArticles:


Begin at the Miami Dade College Home Page and Click Libraries.    

You will be directed to the Learning Resources Page

Choose MDC Libraries.     

Click Articles/Databases and then Choose Databases A to Z .

  • Enter your Borrower ID(MDC ID - one letter and 8 numbers).
  • Enter your PIN(last 4 digits from your MDC ID - one letter and 8 numbers).


Scroll down through the alphabetical list to PsychArticles and select it.

In the search box, enter your terms.
Click on "Full Text" and "Peer Reviewed" (optional).
Press "Enter" or "Search."
Click on any one of your results. Notice the "abstract" (summary) and "full-text article."
Look for the word "Cite or Citation" on the top or side of the article, or scroll down to the bottom to see if the article has a citation.