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College Mentoring: Action Research

This LibGuide contains suggested research tools and annotated sources on the topic of faculty advising/coaching/mentoring of college students.

Annotated Bibliography on Action Research

Adams, P., & Townsend, D. (2014). From Action Research to Collaborative Inquiry. Education Canada, 54(5), 12-15.

This article focuses on action research in Alberta, Canada, known as collaborative inquiry. It also addresses the importance and process of the research question.


Ballard, S. s. (2015). ACTION RESEARCH. Knowledge Quest, 43(3), 44-48.

The author gives a personal account of the use of action research and how it helped changed the paradigm of learning in her school district.


Community Toolbox at the University of Kansas, Chapter 8, Section 5: Developing an Action Plan.

Learn the basics of action planning.


Dillon, M. (2015). An Action Research Dissertation as a Means of Engaging a Community Leadership Alumni Association. Journal Of Higher Education Outreach & Engagement19(1), 187-194.

An exploration of the history of action research, originally conceived for Adult Continuing Education. Learn about the uses and changes of action research in the past fifty years.


Glassman, M. G., Erdem, G., & Bartholomew, M. (2013). Action Research and Its History as an Adult Education Movement for Social Change. Adult Education Quarterly, 63(3), 272-288.

The history of action research is highlighted, from adult education into forms of understanding problems through the experience of the participants.


Gopang, I. B., Soomro, A. F., & Bughio, F. A. (2015). Increasing Motivation at University Level: A Paradigm of Action Research. Journal Of Language Teaching & Research6(1), 140-146. doi:10.17507/jltr.0601.17

This study explores teaching practices in order to bring changes. It utilizes data, interviews and other methods.


Hine, G. g., & Lavery, S. s. (2014). Action research: Informing professional practice within schools. Issues In Educational Research, 24(2), 162-173.

The perspective of three teachers who used action plan research as part of their graduate studies.


Jacobsen, M. (2014). Design-Based Research. Education Canada, 54(5), 22-24.

Action planning and design-based research to explore innovative education practices.


Katsenou, C., Flogaitis, E., & Liarakou, G. (2015). Action Research to Encourage Pupils’ Active Participation in the Sustainable School. Applied Environmental Education & Communication14(1), 14-22. doi:10.1080/1533015X.2014.994820

Action research and its contribution to student participation in a sustainable school.


Purcell, J. W. (2014). The Engaged Community College: Supporting the Institutionalization of Engagement Through Collaborative Action Inquiry. Journal Of Higher Education Outreach & Engagement18(3), 105-111.

This action research explored how community colleges can increase their level of community engagement. They found four important factors.


Rogers, K. H., Luton, R., Biggs, H., Biggs, R. (., Blignaut, S., Choles, A. G., & ... Tangwe, P. (2013). Fostering Complexity Thinking in Action Research for Change in Social--Ecological Systems. Ecology & Society18(2), 68-79. doi:10.5751/ES-05330-180231

The partnering of the school with the stakeholders in order to help effectuate social change in eco-systems.


Rui Yuan1, e., & Icy Lee2, i. (2015). Action research facilitated by university-school collaboration. ELT Journal: English Language Teaching Journal69(1), 1-10.

Through the use of scaffolding, teachers used collaborative research and learned how this process helps in professional development.


Sklarew, D. d., & Wingfield, A. (2014). Up the Pyramid, Around the Loop—Action Research Cultivates Sustainability Scholars to Green the Campus. Council On Undergraduate Research Quarterly, 35(1), 5-10.

Action research helping to develop sustainability scholars.


Soprano, K.k., & Yang, Li.I. (2013). Inquiring into my Science Teaching Throuh Action Resarch: A Case Study on One Pre-serivce Teacher’s Inquiry-based Science Teaching and Self-Efficacy, International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 11(6), 1351-1368

A case study on action research and a case study.