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EAP1586 | Professor Porges-West

This guide contains resources for students of Professor Ileana Porges-West's EAP1586 course.

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Hispanic Health Group Project

1 PowerPoint presentation, per student and a 2-minute oral presentation using Flipster, per student.

  1. Description and Background of selected disease.

  2. Causes and symptoms of the disease.

  3. Statistics and survival rates for Hispanics.

  4. Treatment and prevention of disease over the years.

  5. Conclusion

  6. Extra Credit: Interview someone who has the disease (include: sex, age when they got or were diagnosed with the disease, and how they are being treated).

Part 1

Please submit the name of the disease that impacts and affects Hispanic populations within the United States that you or your group will complete research for and present to the class. Please include the name of the disease. This assignment will be turned in on the Discussion Board, within Blackboard. 

Part 2

Works Cited (MLA style) must be included in the presentation. 

For the final group presentation, you must include a minimum of 4 sources and the proper MLA citations for each source, per student

Two to three (2-3) sources from each student must be from MDC databases, others must be from authoritative sources (see Evaluation Strategies page on EAP1586 LibGuide).

Part 3

The following sections within the provided template are due (Per person):

  • Disease description and background;
  • Symptoms and Treatment.

Part 4

1 PowerPoint presentation, per person and a 2-minute oral presentation using Flipgrid, per person.

Part 5

(Per Person) Peer Review- Comment on the Discussion Board what you learned about diseases from two of your classmates' presentations and what changes you will make to your lifestyle to be healthier. We will discuss in class your feedback on the project and what you learned.

Part 6

(Per Person) In class oral Presentation. Students will be required to share their camera and present to the class live, in full view of the camera.

Poster Template & Completed Example

Hispanic Health LibGuide 

Hispanic Health LibGuide


Recommended Databases