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Water, Water Everywhere (04:46)
From Title: Water: A Celebration
People gather at a river to witness a baptism--one example of the human connection to water beyond our physical need for it. The planet never gains or loses any of it's 326 million cubic miles of water. Less than 3% of all water on earth is fresh water.
Environmental Issues: Water Scarcity (04:07)
From Title: The Last Drop: Is the World Running Out of Water?
Water is abundant on the earth, but usable water is relatively scarce. World-wide, millions of people can't find safe water to drink; two million children die each year of diseases related to water scarcity.


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Water: Overview (01:45)
From Title: Liquid Assets: The Big Business of Water

Close to a billion people around the world cannot get water. Every 20 seconds a child dies from a disease related to water. In 15 years, 48 nations will not have enough water. Across America farmers face mountains of red tape to adequately water their crops.

Water (02:00)
From Title: Bill Moyers Reports: Earth  on Edge

The most valuable and imperiled resource in the world is fresh water. Water is needed for everything, but it is not forever. Less than three percent of the water on earth is fresh water.


Living the Change



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Recycled Gray Water and Black Water (04:17)
From Title: Waste Not Waste: Ecosanitation
Gray water is water from the kitchen and showers, but does not include toilet water. It is filtered and disinfected and used to flush toilets. Toilet water is cleaned using a constructed wetland.
Compost, Water Conservation, and Tap Water (03:49)
From Title: The Green Encyclopedia, Part 1: Environmental Innovations and Opportunities Video Clips
Compost is a natural fertilizer that can be made in anyone's back yard. Instructions are included. Tips for water conservation include hydro-economic showers and flow rate adjusters on taps. Tap water is safe and eco-friendly.


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Flow: For the Love of Water

Water is the essence of life, sustaining every being on the planet. 'Flow' confronts the disturbing reality that our crucial resource is dwindling and greed just may be the cause.