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CCJ 1020: Introduction to Criminal Justice: eVideos

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The History of American Criminal Justice (36:34)

This program offers a brief history of U.S. criminal justice. It covers such topics as criminal justice in colonial America, the Quakers’ penitentiary, and the development of criminology. View Video.

American Criminal Justice System (04:27)

A criminal is someone who breaks the law; laws are part of every civilization. Criminals pass through the three branches of the justice system— police, courts, corrections. Hear incarceration statistics from 2008 and 2009.. View Video.

Criminal Justice System Flaws (04:05)

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik spent time in prison. He provides examples of unnecessarily harsh sentencing, and believes non-violent drug offenders shouldn't be imprisoned because it teaches them to be criminals. View Video.

Death Penalty Stories -Segment 7 (03:30)

Jones speaks about a project she worked on regarding the death penalty. The project involved telling the stories of offenders, victims, and victims' families.  View Video.

Rethinking the Death Penalty - Full Video (22:29)

Some mistakes are fixable. Wrongful conviction and subsequent execution is not. In this program, ABC News correspondent John Donvan traces the history of the death penalty in the U.S. since 1935 while capturing the views of George W. Bush and Illinois governor George Ryan.  View Video.

Youngest Women Facing the Death Penalty -Segment 8 (03:30)

Throughout the U.S. 55 women are on death row. Tiffany Cole and Emilia Carr discuss life on "the corridor;" hear their crimes.  View Video.

Thoughts on the Death Penalty -Segment 17 (02:15)

Haynes' father recalls the judge's actions during jury selection. Nancy Kincaid reflects on Haynes' youth. Her daughters have mixed feelings about Haynes' upcoming execution.  View Video.

Suburban America: Problems & Promise - Full Video (56:51)

Filmed in a wide range of suburban and metropolitan areas around the United States, this program presents a dynamic and thought-provoking exploration of American suburbia, including its genesis and history, its dramatic political and social evolution, and its developmental challenges.  View Video.

Student Expectations: Inner City and Suburban Charlotte Schools -Segment 17 (04:04)

The rapidly growing suburbs had fancy new schools with new teaching materials. The old inner city schools, with low-income students, paled in comparison. Teachers expected much higher achievement levels among suburban students.  View Video.