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SPC 1017 The Fundamentals of Speech Communication

Communication & TED talk links

Public Speaking

Everyone gets butterflies in their stomach-you just need to get them in formation.

— Dale Carnegie



Ted Talks

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Rhetorical Theory & Criticism



Resource Links

The Sophists (Ancient Greek)

On this IEP page you will find an in-depth look at the sophists and their reasoning. The page starts with a detailed introduction, and it offers links to various sophist topics.


The Forest of Rhetoric

This website is full of information about classical and renaissance rhetoric. The front page is an introduction and a guide on how to use the site. On either side of the page, there are links to a large number of rhetoric topics.

American Rhetoric

American Rhetoric is a website that contains a speech bank of more than 5,000 speeches, along with their audio and video versions. The site also contains a link to the top 100 speeches throughout history.