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EAP1686 | Professor Porges-West: COVID-19 Midterm Project

This guide contains resources for students of Prof. Ileana Porges-West's EAP1686 courses

EAP1686: Professor Ileana Porges-West

Relevant LibGuide

COVID-19, Health & General Clinical Information LibGuide

MDC Video Sources

* Please ensure you have logged onto your MDC Library account, by following the steps listed on the "My Library Account," prior to visiting the sources below.

Kanopy Sources

Assignment Deadlines

* For the most current, up-to-date assignment requirements and deadlines, please check for EAP 1686 updates on Blackboard.

Midterm project Deadlines
Date Assignment
Sept. 10th Per Group, Group topics and individual subtopic selections and approval for the COVID-19 Midterm project is Due on the Blackboard Discussion Board.
Sept.  22nd

Per Student, Research Question & all MLA citations are due on the Blackboard Discussion Board.

4 sources:

1. One database source,

2. A second database source,

3. One Internet source,

4. One video source from the MDC databases (i.e. Films on Demand)

Each student is responsible for writing their own research question which will include their subtopic and sources should answer their research question, in MLA citation format.

* If you are experiencing difficulty acquiring 4 reliable sources or locating/creating MLA citations, please schedule an appointment with a librarian so they may assist you in finding alternative sources. Please schedule appointments prior to the deadline. 

Sept.  29th

Per student, Simplified Annotated bibliography requirements: 

Simplified Annotated bibliography must include a brief 50-word summary, in your own words, for each of the 4 sources (At least one book, one database, one internet, and one video from the MDC Databases);

Each annotation should be 50 words each Source and include information, in your own words, that will be incorporated into your midterm project poster. The simplified Annotated Bibliography is Due on the Blackboard Discussion Board.

Oct. 13th

Per Group, COVID-19 Midterm Poster Project Presentation Due on Blackboard (One submission per group). Upload the group  poster part of the presentation to Blackboard, and individual videos recording your 3 minute presentation should be submitted on Flipgrid. 


Each group must post the following:

  1. COVID-19 Midterm Final Poster completed template (One submission per group, make sure each participating groups member name is on the PowerPoint poster); and 
  2.  Flipgrid Video Presentation (Per Student, 3 minutes each student)


Suggested Project Topics

COVID-19 in the US

COVID-19 in Florida

Countries' responses to COVID-19

Global Implications of COVID-19 Comparison

Pandemics - Prevention, Containment, Treatment

History of viruses and pandemics

Pandemics portrayed in Film

COVID-19 & Hospital Preparedness

How COVID-19 affects nurses

How children are perceiving & impacted by COVID-19

How COVID-19 affects Senior Citizens

COVID-19 & Mental Health

COVID-19 Misinformation & how it spreads

COVID-19 & Personal protective equipment (PPE)

COVID-19 & Politics

Coronavirus Relief Fund, the CARES Act

Economic effects of Pandemics

Improving Responses to future Pandemics