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EAP1686 | Professor Porges-West: Know Your Rights! Final Project

This guide contains resources for students of Prof. Ileana Porges-West's EAP1686 courses

EAP1686: Professor Ileana Porges-West

Know Your Rights! LibGuide

Link to the Know Your Rights LibGuide

Suggested Research Topics

  • U.S. Involvement in the construction of the International Bill of Human Rights 
  • Disability Rights:
    • ADA Rules and Policies for Disability Rights - Right to Access
    • Freedom from Discrimination in the Workplace due to a Disability
    • Disability Rights within Primary Education (Grades K-12)
    • Disability Rights within Higher Education (Public versus Private Universities)
  • Freedom of Expression: Rights and Limitations
  • Homeowner's Rights:
    • The Rights and  Need to Know Information for First Time Buyers
    • Fair Housing and Policies against Housing Discrimination
    • Freedom from Fraud - Consumer Protections
  • Immigration Rights:
    • General Immigration Policies in Modern Day
      • Policies and Rights
      • Types of Immigration & the Process within the U.S.
      • Recent Supreme Court Cases on Immigration
    • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Immigrant Rights
    • Rights of Asylum Seekers
    • Rights/Policies on Immigrants and the Workplace 
      • Freedom from Discrimination (Language, Ethnicity, etc.)
    • Rights/Policies on Immigrants and Education (Primary Education & Higher Ed.)
    • The History of Immigration with the U.S. 
      • Ellis Island/ Statue of Liberty/ Symbolism of Immigration and the United States
      • History of Asian Immigration and U.S. Policies 
      • History of Cuban Immigration and U.S. Policies
      • History of Immigration at the Mexican Border and U.S. Policies
      • History of Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants
    • Immigrant's Rights and Detainment
  • LGBTQ Rights:
    • Freedom to Marry (Same-sex Marriage)
    • Freedom from Workplace Discrimination
    • Freedom from Discrimination, Bullying, and Violence
    • History of LGBTQ Rights
    • Transgender Rights (Public Restroom Usage & Rights, Discrimination)
  • Prisoner's Rights:
    • Right to Due Process of Law
    • Right to a Fair Trial
    • Limitations and Restrictions of Prisoner's Rights
    • Right to a Trial by Jury in Civil Cases
    • Freedom from Cruel and Unusual Punishment
    • Variability of Prisoner's Rights and Treatment of Prisoner's Rights among Different States
  • The Right to Protest
    • Policies and Requirements
    • History of Protests for Change in the United States:
      • Protests and the American Indian Movement
      • Protests and the Civil Rights Movement
      • March on Washington
      • Protests and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
      • Protests and the Women's Suffrage Movement
      • Vietnam War Protests
    • Peaceful Protests and Civil Disobedience
  • Race, Ethnicity, National-Origin Based Discrimination and Your Rights
    • U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity
    • Civil Rights
    • History of the Civil Rights Movement:
      • Civil Rights Act of 1957
      • Little Rock Nine (1957)
      • The Civil Rights Act of 1964
      • Voting Rights Act of 1965
      • Fair Housing Act of 1968
    • Asian American's fight for Equality
    • Women's Suffrage Movement
  • Religious Freedom
    • Constitution of the United States: 1st Amendment
    • Religion Discrimination in the Workplace
    • History of Religious Liberty in the U.S.
  • Renter's Rights
  • Your Rights when Stopped by the Police
  • Voter's Rights
  • Visual Artist's Rights:
    • Copyright Law (Protecting your works of art & ideas from being sold & distributed by others without compensation)
    • Freedom of Expression 

Welcome, below are the deadlines and details for Professor Porges-West's EAP 1686 Final Project. In collaboration with Learning Resources, we encourage all students to Book an Appointment with a Librarian for help with research, citations, and writing. 

Assignment Deadlines

* For the most current, up-to-date assignment requirements and deadlines, please check for EAP 1686 updates on Blackboard. 

Final project Deadlines
Date Assignment
October 22nd

Research Topic and Research Question

Students are to post their individual topics and individual research question on the " Know Your Rights” Final Project, for instructor approval.

November 5th

Research Question and all MLA Citations:

4 sources

1. One e-book (or) MDC database source;

2. One other database source,

3. One Internet,

4. One video source from the MDC databases (i.e. Films on Demand)

Each student will post their Research question and their Works Cited page with a minimum of four MLA citations on Blackboard. Each student is responsible for writing their own research question. Their sources should answer their research question and citations for their sources must be in MLA citation format.

November 19th

Annotated Bibliography Due

Complete an Annotated Bibliography, which requires the following:
    I.    4 MLA Citations Per Student that answers the research question:

               1.     1 Video, 
               2.    1 Book/eBook (or MDC Database Source), 
               3.    1 MDC Database Source, and 
               4.    1 Website Source.

   II.    100 words for each Source/Summary, and include the following:

               1.    Author’s main point (paraphrase article)
               2.    Who the author is (credentials)
               3.    How the article was found: search strategy, keywords, and                                    the reasoning for the selection

Each student is responsible for writing their own research question which will include their subtopic. Sources should answer their research question, in MLA citation format.

* If you are experiencing difficulty acquiring 4 reliable sources or locating/creating MLA citations, please schedule an appointment with a librarian so they may assist you in finding alternative sources. Please schedule appointments prior to the deadline. 

December 6th

Final Project Poster Project Presentation Due

Each student must post the following:

  1. “Know Your Rights!" Final Poster (Each student submits their research poster on Blackboard); and 
  2.  Video Presentation should be 3 minutes long and is to be submitted on Flipgrid
December 8th

Peer Review/Constructive Criticism

Click on one of your classmate's presentations shared on Blackboard, watch and review their project, and post on the Discussion Board two things you learned from their project and how you will put it to use in real-life practice.