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EAP1686 | Professor Porges-West: Japan Project

This guide contains resources for students of Prof. Ileana Porges-West's EAP1686 courses

EAP1686: Professor Ileana Porges-West

Project Template

Japan Project LibGuide

Japan Project Resources LibGuide

Suggested Research Topics

  • Japanese Food:
    • Traditional cuisine
    • Seasonal Foods
    • Food for Japanese Festivals
    • Sushi
    • Beverages
  • Japanese Festivals
  • Japanese Films
  • Japanese Gardens
  • Health Care in Japan
  • Japanese Art
    • Japanese Art by Time Period
    • Famous Paintings & Woodblock Art
    • Japanese Contemporary Art
    • Japanese Ceramic & Pottery Art
    • Origami
  • Japanese Anime
  • Japanese Manga
  • Japanese Poetry
  • Japanese Music
  • Japanese Drummers (kumi-daiko)
    • Traditional Japanese music
    • Modern Japanese music
  • Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • Changing Role of Women in Japanese Society
  • Geisha traditions
  • Japanese History
  • Japanese Educational System
  • Japanese Language
  • Religion in Japan
  • Sumo Wrestling 
  • Japanese Fishing Industry
  • Medical Discoveries by Japanese’s Doctors
  • Japanese Technology
    • Robots
    • Aerospace engineering
  • Japanese Video Games
  • Tourism in Japan

Welcome, below are the deadlines and details for Professor Porges-West's EAP 1686 Midterm Project. In collaboration with Learning Resources, we encourage all students to stop by our Blackboard Virtual Tutoring room for help with research, citations, and writing. 

Assignment Deadlines

* For the most current, up-to-date assignment requirements and deadlines, please check for EAP 1686 updates on Blackboard. 

Midterm project Deadlines
Date Assignment
September 3rd

Research Topic and Research Question

Students are to post their individual topics and individual research question on the Japan Midterm Project, for instructor approval.

September 17th

Research Question and all MLA Citations:

4 sources that answer the student's research question

1. One e-book, or MDC database source;

2. One other database source,

3. One Internet,

4. One video source from the MDC databases (i.e. Films on Demand)

Each student will post their Research question and their Works Cited page with a minimum of four MLA citations on Blackboard. Each student is responsible for writing their own research question. Their sources should answer their research question and citations for their sources must be in MLA citation format.

September 24th

Annotated Bibliography Due

Complete an Annotated Bibliography, which requires the following:
    I.    4 MLA Citations Per Student that answers the research question:

               1.    1 Video, 
               2.    1 Book/eBook (or MDC Database Source), 
               3.    1 MDC Database Source, and 
               4.    1 Website Source.

   II.    100 words for each Source/Summary, and include the following:

               1.    Author’s main point (paraphrase article)
               2.    Who the author is (credentials)
               3.    How the article was found: search strategy, keywords, and                                 the reasoning for the selection

Each student is responsible for writing their own research question which will include their subtopic. Sources should answer their research question, in MLA citation format.

* If you are experiencing difficulty acquiring 4 reliable sources or locating/creating MLA citations, please schedule an appointment with a librarian so they may assist you in finding alternative sources. Please schedule appointments prior to the deadline. 

October 8th

Midterm Project Poster Project Presentation Due

Each student must post the following:

  1. Japan Project Midterm Poster (Each student submits their research poster on Blackboard); and 
  2.  Video Presentation should be 3 minutes long and is to be submitted on Flipgrid
October 11th

Peer Review/Constructive Criticism

Click on one of your classmate's presentations shared on Blackboard, watch and review their project, and post on the Discussion Board two things you learned from their project.