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EAP1686 | Professor Porges-West

This guide contains resources for students of Prof. Ileana Porges-West's EAP1686 course.

Big read research project banner cover art

The Big Read: The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui

Assignment Details

* For the most current, up-to-date assignment requirements and deadlines, please check for EAP 1686 updates on Blackboard. 

Final project Details

Part 1 Assignment: Immigration Story & Background Information

Students are to post their completed Part 1 Assignment on the Blackboard Discussion Board. Informative sources used to answer the questions must be included in MLA format, within a Works Cited page on the last page of the Word Document template. The template for this assignment is included on the right-hand side, titled: "Part 1 Assignment_ Immigration Story & Background Information."  

Cite your sources in MLA format.

Part 2 Assignment: Choosing your "Know Your Rights" topic within the scope of Immigration and your Discussion Post.

Choose a topic related to knowing your rights through the lens of legal and illegal immigrants. Students must post a 250-word summary about what they have learned about the issue. Responses are to be posted on the Discussion Board, within Blackboard. 

Cite any of your sources in MLA format. 

From Saigon to Miami | A World Connected Through Art

(Recorded Video interviewing the Author is located at the Bottom of this Page)

Reflection: Recorded MDC Big Read Interview with author, Thi Bui (Video is located at the bottom of this page)

Students are to write a reflection (200 word minimum) after viewing the MDC Big Read Interview with author, Thi Bui. 

Responses are to be posted on the Discussion Board, within Blackboard.


Cite your sources in MLA format.

Part 3 Assignment: Culture, Society, and Immigration

Students may pick any  one of the questions from the Big Read Discussion Questions
Students are to write a minimum of 500 words in response to their chosen discussion question, and they may include statistics and other information from the Big Read Assignments Parts 1-3 that they have completed and submitted. 

Cite your sources in MLA format.

Professor Porges-West's Recommended Sources

The Big Read Events

Link to big read events

Immigration: The Changing Face of America LibGuide

Link to LibGuide on Immigration

Know Your Rights LibGuide: Immigration

Link to the know your rights library guide on immigration