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Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy (iCED): The MDC Learning Outcomes and the Civic Action Scorecard

The MDC Learning Outcomes and the Civic Action Scorecard

As tool of teaching and learning, the Civic Action Scorecard is adaptable to every discipline at Miami Dade College and meets each of the College’s Learning Outcomes. The Scorecard consists of 75+ Civic Action Items in six broad categories. Each Civic Action Item consists of three components: action, documentation, and reflection; and each component has been carefully constructed to empower students to action and to promote learning. The chart below describes some of the ways in which the Civic Action Scorecard meets each Learning Outcome. However, it is not an exhaustive list. Course instructors, program advisors, and other MDC staff are encouraged to think creatively about the ways in which Civic Action Items may be adapted to highlight specific Learning Outcomes, and to keep the Learning Outcomes in mind when designing the action, documentation, and reflection components of their own Civic Action Items. Consult your campus iCED team for more information.

The Civic Action Scorecard Faculty Guide 2020-2021

The Civic Action Scorecard

The Civic Action Scorecard Student Guide 2020-2021