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British Literature from 1660 to Today: Videos


Frankenstein Goes to Hollywood - BBC Documentary

"Frankenstein Goes to Hollywood," part 1 of  the History of Horror, with Mark Gatiss.

Frankenstein: A Cinematic Scrapbook

A collection of movie trailers tracing the history of the Frankenstein films.

Frankenstein (Edison Studios, 1910)

The first cinematic version of Mary Shelley's story.

Frankenstein: Defining the Monster

A lecture by Heather Keenleyside, Professor of English at the University of Chicago.

The Real Story of Frankenstein's Monster - BBC Docmuentary

Examines what influenced Mary Shelley to write her masterpiece.

Frankenstein, MD

A contemporary take on Frankenstein.


The classic version, starring Boris Karloff as the Monster (1931)

(With Spanish subtitles)