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A quick how-to promoting carbon divestment and a lifestyle promoting sustainability. #carbondivestment


Green America's Break Up With Your Megabank
The Break Up With Your Mega-Bank Campaign is helping consumers & investors create & strengthen healthy communities, create jobs, housing, & social services.

South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union
Providing  members with money-saving services. Members are owners and can vote at annual elections for the Board of Directors. All Board of Directors & Supervisory Committee members are volunteers, unlike those of banks who are paid stockholders.

Credit Union Locator
Find a credit union in your area.

Community Bank Locator
Find a community bank in your area.

Our Power Campaign
Moving local and state governments to create millions of climate jobs – jobs that meet people’s needs while caring for natural resources and ecosystems.


When you use a mega-bank’s card, you’re bolstering all the things the bank’s loans support, from clearcutting forests to new coal-fired power plants to predatory loans. Community development banks and credit unions provide the best opportunity for cardholders to avoid supporting bad practices and to positively impact communities.  --Fran Teplitz, Green America’s director of social investing programs.

Working Assets/ Credo
CREDO donates 10¢ to nonprofits with every CREDO Visa card purchase — at no cost to you. No annual fee. Triple points for groceries and charitable giving.    

Ten Green Credit Cards
Credit cards from megabanks – Citi, Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo – support predatory lending, coal mining, tar sands, and outrageous CEO salaries. Cutting up that mega-bank credit card is another step to breaking up with your mega bank and starting a healthier relationship with a local community development bank or credit union.

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