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Mangroves and Ecosystems - The Reclamation Project: Home

The Reclamation Project is a participatory eco-art project launched by Miami artist Xavier Cortada in 2006. It explores our ability to coexist with the natural world.

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Jared Diamond on why societies collapse

Jane Poynter: Life in Biosphere 2


The term "mangrove" refers to individual trees or shrubs that are angiosperms (flowering plants) and belong to more than eighty species within twelve genera and five families.  Mangrove swamps or forests are the tropical equivalent of temperate salt marshes. They grow in protected coastal embayments in tropical and subtropical areas around the world, and some scientists estimate that 60-75 percent of all tropical shores are populated by mangroves.  Mangrove trees play a vital role in preserving biodiversity and environmental cleanliness.

Mangrove Restoration and Climate Change

Mangrove Forest in Florida

Map of Florida coastal Everglades showing sampling sites in Shark River Slough (SRS), Taylor Slough/C-111 canal basin (TS/Ph), and Florida Bay (FB)

Al Gore: New thinking on the climate crisis

Millenium Ecosystem Assessment