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Student Interdisciplinary Symposium at Hialeah Campus

This guide contains resources for students participating in the annual Student Interdisciplinary Symposium

Global Warming and Forest Fires by Ana Perez, Benzonie Pierre, Gwendolyn Odin, Kassandra Rivero, Leslie Rodriguez, & Marienny Severino


Global warming has a huge impact on increasing the risk and spread of forest fires. The release of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere pollutes and heat up the earth causes drier patches of plants and hotter days leading to an easier ignite of fire. The fires can spread with ease allowing it to destroy more live vegetation and crops that we need to grow and eat. Not only does it ruin our beautiful earth, but it hurts our economy because we have no land to grow crops and we need to put more money in to produce the same amount. The research explores causes, effects and statistical data available related to forest fine.


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