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Student Interdisciplinary Symposium at Hialeah Campus

This guide contains resources for students participating in the annual Student Interdisciplinary Symposium

Coral Bleaching by Shantal Alvarado, Lauren Gonzalez, & Dariel Montano


As we worked together to create this poster on coral bleaching, each of us got to learn more about nature's beautiful creations and how environment changes affect them. We chose the topic of coral bleaching to promote awareness for reefs across the world and educate others on how we can help them thrive. Coral bleaching is the process in which the ocean’s colorful coral become white due to changes in temperature, light, and nutrients. These reefs are composed of microscopic algae called zooxanthellae. This algae lives in the coral in a mutually beneficial relationship, each helping each other survive. However, when the reefs become too hot, the coral expels the algae. This is what causes the coral to turn white or “bleach”. We are very interested in the topic of coral bleaching and how we can help the beautiful reefs that flood our oceans. Hopefully, we can educate and influence others to protect and care for these beautiful reefs as well.


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