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Water Issues in South Florida: Welcome

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"Water defines us as Floridians no matter where we live:
Idyllic beaches surround us on three sides. Rivers and streams flow for ten thousand miles through the peninsula. Our state is blessed with nearly eight thousand lakes and seven hundred freshwater springs – the largest concentration of springs on the planet...This bounty makes it hard to fathom how any one of Florida’s regions could have depleted its share [of water], but every region has..."from Our Water.Our Florida. A Water Ethic for Florida, by Cynthia Barnett

WHAT can be done?  IMAGINE a Water Ethic for Florida.

Click on the tabs at the top of the page
to read the Collins Center Report on creating a water ethic for Florida; view Miami-Dade County's GreenPrint; and explore water-related resources available through the MDC Library and the Internet .


This LibGuide is a copy of Erin Fennell's Water Ethic subject guide with some added information. The original work can be found at: 



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Water Issues in South Flroida

These are the issues you will address:

  1. Sea level rise
  2. The Everglades and salt water intrusion
  3. Bottled Water
  4. Water Waste/Contamination
  5. Fracking