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Wikipedia: About


What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It is one of the largest collaborative projects in history and the fifth most visited website in the world as of 2017. There are over 82,000 active contributors who volunteer their time to create new articles, edit and add up-to-date information on existing articles. Currently there are over 19 million articles in 299 different languages.

Wikipedia is a lot of things, but Wikipedia is not...

Wikipedia: Five Pillars

The fundamental principles of Wikipedia are summarized in 5 "pillars"

  1. Wikipedia is an Encyclopedia
  2. Wikipedia is written from a neutral point of view (NPOV)
  3. Wikipedia is free content that anyone can use, edit, and distribute
  4. Wikipedia's editors should treat each other with respect and civility
  5. Wikipedia has no firm rules. Be Bold

A Brief History of Wikipedia