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Business Research: Country Profiles & Websites

Selected Websites

Free Management Library
Over 260 subject categories are broadly grouped with information useful to small and large, for-profit and non-profit, new and well-established enterprises. The library is administered by personnel from Authenticity Consulting, LLC, but content links can be added by readers following the “Community Rules”. Links are provided for reference works, blog indices, tutorials and additional resources., a service provided by, targets small business owners by offering over 2,000 “How-to” guides. Management is divided into 21 topics. Guides are written by experts and evaluations and comments are offered by readers.

Small Business Administration
Managed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) this site has become “The Official Business Link to the U.S. Government. A number of business guides and links to state and local resources are provided.

Business Researcher’s Interests
Knowledge Management and Business Technology Management are the primary focuses for this site. Free registration is required to participate in forums and threaded discussions.

The Case Centre
Access to abstracts of case studies and, for a fee, access to the case studies, is provided for students, researchers and corporate trainers. Over 50,000 resources from over 30 academic institutions and associations around the world are updated with over 350 new entries each month.

CEOExpress provides quick access to a variety of business topics and resources through a very busy, text-heavy portal page. Four broad categories, Daily news and info, Business research, Office tools and travel and Break time provide links to hundreds of resources. Some resources are free, some offer recommendations and evaluations of resources and others are fee-based websites.

Country Profiles

Resources from Educational Institutions