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Curated Lists 2020

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A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

After spending time in a mental institution two sisters return to the home of their father and cruel stepmother. While dealing with their stepmother's obsessive and unbalanced ways, a mysterious ghost keeps them up at night, interfering with their fragile sanity. (1hr 50minutes)

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A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)

Strange things are afoot in Bad City. The Iranian ghost town, home to prostitutes, junkies, pimps, and other sordid souls, is a place that reeks of death and hopelessness, where a lonely vampire is stalking the town’s most unsavory inhabitants. But when boy meets girl, an unusual love story begins to blossom... blood red. (1hr 40minutes)

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Donnie Darko (2001)

Donnie Darko is off his medication and when his boredom is obliterated by a falling airline engine, he becomes increasingly delusional and convinced the world will end in 28 days. Aided by an imaginary friend, he embarks on an increasingly crazed series of actions, which horrify his teachers, scare his parents and amaze his friends. (1hr 53minutes)

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