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Engineering—Library Resources

A guide to conducting engineering-related research at Miami Dade College (MDC), including information about our library, collection statistics, and resources for faculty.

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This research guide focuses on library resources for MDC’s engineering collection. Below you will find engineering-related titles and databases; useful research tools and services; resources for faculty; and information about our library, including how to access its resources.

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— W A L T   D I S N E Y

Civil Engineering 121
Bridge Engineering 20
Building Construction 208
Electrical Engineering 110
Chemical Technology 3
Environmental Technology 3
Highway Engineering 2
Hydraulic Engineering 18
Mechanical Engineering and Machinery 14
Mining Engineering 42
Motor Vehicles, Aeronautics, and Astronautics 105
Railroad Engineering 1
Telecommunication 390
   Total print holdings* 1,037
Civil Engineering 133
Bridge Engineering 17
Building Construction 210
Electrical Engineering 295
Chemical Technology 142
Environmental Technology 418
Highway Engineering 14
Hydraulic Engineering 16
Mechanical Engineering and Machinery 30
Mining Engineering 136
Motor Vehicles, Aeronautics, and Astronautics 221
Railroad Engineering 1
Telecommunication 125
   Total eBook holdings* 1,758
Civil Engineering 59
Bridge Engineering 6
Building Construction 226
Electrical Engineering 24
Chemical Technology 55
Environmental Technology 13
Highway Engineering 14
Hydraulic Engineering 8
Mechanical Engineering and Machinery 98
Mining Engineering 12
Motor Vehicles, Aeronautics, and Astronautics 16
Railroad Engineering 9
Telecommunication 23
   Total film and video holdings* 563

*Note: These totals are approximate. Item totals were last updated in July 2018.

This LibGuide was designed and created and is maintained by Michael Moore. User suggestions and comments are welcome.

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