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HOLA Title V

The HOLA LAB (North Campus Room 1330)

Unleash Your Math Superhero at the HOLA Lab!

Imagine a vibrant haven where math isn't just equations, it's an epic adventure. Forget cramped classrooms – the HOLA Lab at MDC North Campus is your launchpad to mastery.

Need to crush homework? Dive into our comfy study havens, equipped with laptops at your disposal, or strategize with your squad around high-tech smartboards. Feeling stuck? Don't sweat it! Expert Learning Assistants, your math-busting ninjas, are ready to unravel any formula with laser-sharp precision. Walk right in for instant help or schedule a private session and conquer your anxieties head-on.

The HOLA Lab is more than just space – it's your superhero team. Collaborate, visualize complex concepts at our drawing tables, and channel your inner Einstein with every equation conquered. Team up for math mastery! Find support, collaboration, and expert help at the HOLA Lab.

This FREE ticket to math enlightenment, complete with laptops for your convenience, is powered by the HOLA Grant.

Current Research Opportunities for 2023-2024 (3 Tracks)

1. Robotics Club Students will be working on Farming Automation

  • Students in the Robotics Club are spearheading research projects across various aspects of agricultural automation, from drone-based planting to AI-powered weed control. Dive in and find your niche!
  • This academic endeavor offers students a unique opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research in a collaborative environment, gaining valuable skills and experience in robotics, engineering, and sustainable agriculture.

2. FADSA Research (Social Science)

  • Research will involve a quantitative and qualitative approach to research how providers of local social services are reimbursed through government funds.
  • Think you know how local social services get funded? Think again! Dive deep with FADSA's student research and crack the code, using both quantitative and qualitative tools to shape a brighter future for communities. 

3. Computer Refurbishing (EnTec)

  • Students in an EnTec pathway will be eligible to participate in the refurbishing of computers that will later be shipped to Schools around the capital of Belize.
  • EnTec students, get ready to make a difference! You'll refurbish computers, sending them straight to schools in Belize's capital, equipping students there with tech they need to learn and thrive. Join the cause, build your skills, and empower a future generation!