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Honduras: Home

Introduction to Honduras

  • Capital: Tegucigalpa
  • Official Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Lempira


  • Pre-Columbian: The region was inhabited by indigenous tribes like the Maya, Lenca, Tolupan, and more.
  • Spanish Conquest: Honduras was conquered by Spain in the early 1500s and made part of the Captaincy General of Guatemala.
  • Independence: Gained independence from Spain in 1821 and joined the Federal Republic of Central America before full sovereignty in 1838.
  • 20th Century: Period of instability and military rule, including the 2009 coup against President Manuel Zelaya.

Culture & Traditions

  • Cuisine: Known for baleadas, carne asada, tamales, seafood dishes, and more.
  • Folklore: Garifuna culture has a strong presence. Punta music and dance are popular.
  • Religion: Majority Catholic Christian. Minority Protestant, indigenous beliefs.
  • Sports: Soccer is the most popular sport, followed by baseball.

Geography & Environment

  • Caribbean Coast: Home to coral reefs, rainforests, beaches, islands. Known as the Bay Islands.
  • Interior Highlands: Mountainous terrain covered in pine and oak forests. Contains most major cities.
  • Climate: Tropical, rainy climate. Prone to hurricanes and tropical storms.

Famous Personalities


  • José Cecilio del Valle - Patriot and poet, "Father of Honduran Independence"
  • Ramón Amaya Amador - Novelist, wrote about life in Honduras
  • Carloz Flores Facussé - Businessman, newspaper owner, politician
  • MSN - Popular Honduran music artist

Modern Honduras

  • Economic Overview: Honduras has a developing economy reliant on agriculture, manufacturing, and remittances. Major exports are coffee, apparel, bananas, seafood, and palm oil.
  • Tourist Attractions: The Bay Islands have become a major coastal destination. Inland cities like Copán and Comayagua have colonial architecture. Eco-tourism opportunities in areas like La Mosquitia.

Recommended Readings & Film

  • Books:

    • "In the Country of Men" by Giaconda Belli (Honduran author)
    • "Prisoner of the Word" by Ricardo Lindo (Honduran novelist)
    • "The Green House" by Mario Roberto Morales (novel set in Honduras)
  • Films:

    • "Who Killed Cock Robin?" (Muerte de un Gallero) - Honduran film drama
    • "Amor y Frijoles" - Honduran romantic comedy
    • "The Soccer Player and the Referee" (El Jugador y el Árbitro) - Honduran sports film