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International Education Month, November 2020: Home

During International Education Month, readers of all ages commemorate books written by international authors or written about international themes to promote global education. Pledge today and join the read-in chain!


What is the International Read-In Chain?

Reading internationally is a fun way to broaden your horizons; the only problem is that the possibilities are endless! Miami Dade College Libraries, with the support of Miami-Dade Public Library System, will provide you access to great literature from around the world in topics like history, social issues, philosophy, religion, memoirs, and much more! Pledge today and pick up a book (physically or virtually) that features a completely different perspective and learn to see the world in a new way!

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Ways to Participate in the Read-In Chain

Participating in the International Read-In Chain is as simple as taking the reading pledge, creating a book talk, or attending any of the events posted on this LibGuide during International Education Month.

Get Engaged Through iCED!

The Civic Action Scorecard can be applied to the International Read-in! See opportunities below:


Read a nonfiction or fiction book.


Attend/participate in MDC Live Arts program (1.5 hrs. minimum)


Attend/participate in a local arts or cultural fair/festival  (1.5 hrs. minimum)


Propose your own civic action item to iCED

Upcoming Events

Monday, 11/2/20 – Kickoff
On Monday November 2, the International Read-In Chain asks Miami-Dade residents of all ages during the month of November to read international literature to commemorate global education and participate in an array of interdisciplinary co-curricular activities. Each event is designed to enhance knowledge about historical, geographical, and intercultural concepts through multicultural literature, social discourse, and community involvement. The literary events below have been coordinated by the MDC North International Global Committee and Learning Resources and are free and open to the public. The featured authors are sponsored by the International Book Fair and the International Read-In Chain Committee.

Monday, 11/16/20 at 10:00 AM  Three Distinguished Journalists
Three distinguished journalists from North Campus will share their personal experiences and expertise about logical fallacies in news media. They will discuss the impact of new bias on public policy and the wider society. 

Presenters: Manolo Barco (Student Print Media Manager, Student Services), Maria Casado (Faculty Librarian, Learning Resources), and Dr. Sabrina Walters (English and Communications, MDC College North Campus).

Wednesday, 11/18/20 at 11:00 AM Once I Was You: A Memoir of Love and Hate in a Torn America
Author Talk by Maria Hinojosa

Maria HinojosaMaria Hinojosa is an award-winning journalist. She is the host and producer of NPR’s Latino USA podcast as well as the founder and CEO of Futuro Media Group. In Once I Was You: A Memoir of Love and Hate in a Torn America, Hinojosa tells her personal story of arriving in the US as a child and growing up in a Mexican American family in Chicago in the context of a larger story of US immigration policy and her work as a journalist among immigrants across the US. The author’s book talk is open to all MDC students. This event is presented by North Campus International Education & Global Education Month Committee and is sponsored by the Miami Book Fair and The Humanities Edge.

Thursday, 11/19/20 at 9:50 AM  Fevers, Feuds, and Diamonds: Ebola and the Ravages of History
Presentation by Dr. Paul Farmer and Discussion

Dr. Paul Farmer was one of many international responders when Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea suffered the worst Ebola virus outbreak in history in 2014. In Fevers, Feuds, and Diamonds, Dr. Farmer tells the harrowing stories of Ebola victims while showing why the medical response was slow and insufficient, as the virus spread exponentially and basic health-care facilities were few and far between. This crisis was a major tragedy of modern medicine. Dr. Paul Farmer, United Nations (UN) Deputy Special Envoy for Haiti and Chair of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard, discusses why it happened, and what the global community can learn from it. This event is presented by North Campus International Education & Global Education Month Committee and is sponsored by the Miami Book Fair and The Humanities Edge.

Monday, 11/30/20 at 10:00 AM Closing Ceremony and Book Talks
For the culminating event of the International Read-In Chain, our Campus President, Dr. Malou Harrison, will read a piece of literature from her native country, Jamaica, to North Campus students and the campus community. Readers of all ages are invited to join her in commemorating international literature with their own booktalks during this web conference.

Coordinators: Drs. Ildiko Barsony, Kimberly Carter, and Marina Rodriguez (English and Communications), Angel Hernandez (Learning Resources Professional), and Ariane Tulloch (Academic Support Writing Coach, Learning Resources, MDC North Campus), and Athanasia Fitos (Miami-Dade Public Library System).

Supported by the Miami-Dade Public Library System and Sponsored by the MDC North Student Life.