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Reroute, Return and Redemption: The Non-Traditional Scholar Podcast

A talk on the nontraditional approach to college.

Reroute, Return, and Redemption - a talk on the nontraditional approach to college


The Non-Traditional Scholar Podcast



Yane Nemeroff
World Languages, Hialeah Campus

Yane Nemeroff is a Communications/Speech Professor at Miami Dade College: Hialeah Campus. Professor Nemeroff has been teaching at the college for over 6 years. His focus in the classroom is for students to understand the complexity in Communications. Mr. Nemeroff ultimately inspires students by deconstructing Communication, and reconstructing effective communicators. He holds a Masters degree in Communication Studies from Florida Atlantic University. Yane also earned a Bachelors degree in Intercultural and Organizational Communication from Florida Atlantic University as well.


This episode dives deeper into what is a Non-traditional student, whether you fit that description, and how Non-traditional students navigate the Educational Ecosystem. Please rate and comment on Spotify. Grateful for any and all feedback, questions, comments, and concerns. Indebted for your support! That means the world to Non-traditional students like myself!

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