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Hunger Awareness: Single Stop @ MDC

This library guide provides information about food insecurity and available resources to help those in need.

Single Stop at Miami Dade College

About Single Stop:

Single Stop is a one-stop source for students and immediate family members to be connected to public benefits and local resources. Single Stop offers students a wide array of services including benefits screening, free tax preparation, financial coaching, Food Pantry for Students and health insurance assistance. In October 2010, Miami Dade College's partnership with Single Stop USA was established and more than 42,894 students and families have benefited from the program's services to date.

Eligibility and Referral Process:

All of our services are free to Miami Dade College students and their family members. We use a holistic approach to assess and meet the needs of our MDC students and families. We work with a unique web based program known to quickly screen for multiple government benefits and to assist with determining eligibility. We have also partnered with the Department of Children & Families (DCF) and have a full time DCF case manager on site. This allows our coordinators to assist in the application of benefits, ensure the follow through of all necessary paperwork and follow-up with each individual/family member to make sure they received the benefits they are eligible for.

Free Services Single Stop Offers:

Free Benefits Screening
Single Stop Coordinators ask qualifying questions and enter the information into the Single Stop database. The database will then populate and identify which benefits are available. Some of the benefits include Food Stamps, Cash Assistance, and Medicaid.

Free Mental Health Counseling
Counselors are available on campus during the day and after-hours throughout the week including Saturdays. Students may receive up to 10 free hour-long sessions where they can speak confidentially with a licensed counselor. Sessions during the day may be held either in person (on campus), by phone, or virtually. When filling out the form, please select either daytime or after-hours counseling.Free Financial Coaching

Free Financial Counseling

Single Stop provides an on-site financial coach to assist students with budgeting, debt management, resume' building, completing FAFSA applications, and building/rebuilding credit. Single Stop helps students and family members develop a plan that allows them to meet their needs.

Free Legal Referrals
Single Stop provides students with various legal referrals to target legal problems, such as disability claims, tax controversies, unemployment benefit denials, housing issues, discrimination issues, food stamp denials, consumer issues and other legal issues. Referrals and legal counseling are available at no cost!

Free Tax Preparation Services
Completely free tax preparation, even if the student or family members use E-File! During the tax season (February through April 15th), students and family members can meet with an IRS-Certified tax preparer and have their taxes prepared for free. Tax preparers will determine if students and family members are eligible to receive the Earned Income, American Opportunity or Child Tax Credits. Single Stop also partners with local organizations to provide free tax preparations to students and immediate family members year round.

Food Pantry
The Student Food Pantry provides a means for students to stay focused on their academic studies despite any untimely financial hardships they may be faced with while pursuing a degree. Visit the MDC Food Pantries site here for more information.

FAFSA Completion
Visit a Single Stop for help completing your FAFSA paperwork.

Student Emergency Aid/Fast Funds
Emergency aid is available on a limited basis for everyday emergencies for qualified students. Visit Single Stop for more information.

Bus Passes
Bus passes are available on a limited basis. Visit Single Stop for more information.

Other Services Available
Visit a Single Stop office for information on other services offered.

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For more information on Single Stop, please email: Janet Mapp, 
For more information on Educate Tomorrow, please email: Wendy Joseph, or Sandra Obas,


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