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Theatrical Worlds: From the University of Florida College of Fine Arts, Charlie Mitchell and distinguished colleagues from across America present an introductory text for theatre and theoretical production. This book seeks to give insight into the people and processes that create theater. It does not strip away the feeling of magic but to add wonder for the artistry that make a production work well.

HowlRound Theatre Commons: A free and open platform for theatre-makers worldwide, and we've been amplifying progressive and disruptive ideas about theatre and facilitating connections between diverse practitioners.

Introduction to Theatre: Lecture notes, internet links and vocabulary lists for a core curriculum Introduction to Theatre college level course.

Shakespeare the Player - Illustrating Elizabethan Theater through A Midsummer Night's DreamElizabethan stage practices via A Midsummer Night's Dream. 

The Show Must Go On! American Theater in the Great Depression: The Great Depression had an enormous impact on theatre across the United States. Productions decreased dramatically, audiences shrank, and talented writers, performers, and directors fled the industry to find work in Hollywood. But despite adversity, the show went on. The public construction projects of the Works Progress Administration built new theaters in cities across America. The Federal Theatre Project was established to fund theatre and performances across the country providing work to unemployed artists. This influx of new artists had transformed the industry, opening theatre to new voices, themes, and audiences. This exhibition explores these Depression-era changes and their impact on American theater.

An Introduction to Technical Theatre: A comprehensive overview of technical theatre, including terminology and general practices. 

Theatrical Worlds: An introductory text for theatre and theoretical production. This book seeks to give insight into the people and processes that create theater. 

Digital Theatre+: Live performances, accompanied by a range of invaluable educational resources for illustration, explanation, and critical reflection, with unlimited access to over 1000+ full-length productions and educational resources to, capture and curate live performance in stunning quality, bring an unprecedented range of insights from behind the scenes, commission bespoke educational resources to support study at every level.