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Civic Leadership Fellows Program (CLF): Current Fellows

The Civic Leadership Fellows program matches Federal Work-Study eligible students at Miami Dade College (MDC) who will be Changemakers with an organization dedicated to improving the community and working for the public good.

2023-2024 Fellows

Melanie Young

Host Site: The Motivational Edge

Home Campus: North

Major: Early Childhood Education

My name is Melanie Young, I am a mix of Native American half Cherokee and Half Quechuan and Partly Colombia I was raised in my god family after my mother’s passing from cancer. I am studying at Miami Dade College North Campus. I graduated and achieved my Associate's Degree in Arts in Special Education K-12 on May 4 th, 2019 being a First-Generation Student. Currently, I am studying for a Bachelor of Arts pursuing in Early Childhood Education. However, I have also been approved to minor in Administration of Education. I have a passion and strong pursuit to help motivate and encourage the path of education for the next generation's goals and love to help others in any impact needed. I will be working alongside The Motivational Edge as a CLF employee. My Goal is to help bring a positive encouragement impact to those around me and make a difference to those in need. I will take high dedication and methods to be diligent yet passionate to help the children and adults in my environment. Here I will work hard to build a strong purpose and success in my field.

Randolph Delisma 

Host Site: Cybrarium 

Title: Program Assistant Fellow 

Home Campus: Homestead 

Major: Business Administration 

Randolph Jordan Delisma is a second-year undergraduate student at the Miami Dade Honors College Homestead Campus. He is majoring in Business Administration but also has interests in community service, management, finance, Esports, technology, fitness, and education. He is the Vice President of the eSports and Competitive Gaming Club at the MDC Homestead campus. He often volunteers in order to make a change in the world while delving into service learning relating to his fields of interest whether that be assisting in the building of gardens for high schools across South Florida, assisting in community events as an MDC changemaker ambassador, or even when developing his project manager skills through volunteer work at the Cybrarium Library as a leader at their chess club. He has participated in and presented group research pertaining to Haitian History "Storytelling and Social Change: Haiti, History, and Shared Commitments to a More Humane World. He is a partner of Watch Inspect; a watch e-commerce website specializing in watch price data as well as the distribution of new, preowned, and serviced watches. Furthermore, he does freelance Esports coaching and various types of content creation. To continue, Randolph is always looking to create genuine relationships and connect with hardworking like-minded individuals. As well as discover new projects, events, concepts, connections, opportunities, and more in order to garner authentic connections and utilize his communication, conceptualization, analytical thinking, and various other skills at the professional level in his multiple fields of interest.


Julianna Tellez

Host Site: Fab Lab

Title: STEM Education Assistant 

Home Campus: North

Major: Architecture

My name is Julianna Tellez, I am from Colombia, and I am a student at Miami Dade College. I am currently studying Architecture, with the purpose of satisfying many dreams. I will be working as an Assistant Teacher at FabLab. My goal is to serve and to leave a mark of knowledge.

Daina Bellegarde 

Host Site: Propelling into Triumph 

Title: Peer Mentor 

Home Campus: North 

Major: Nursing 

My name is Daïna, I am a dedicated nursing student. I recently graduated with an Associate Degree. I bring passion and purpose to my academic pursuits. Originally I am from Port-au-Prince Haiti, my journey has instilled in me a profound commitment to community well-being. As an advocate for foster youth, I actively seek to amplify their voices and address the unique challenges they face because I am a former foster youth. Balancing my academic endeavors with a genuine desire to make a positive impact, my advocacy extends beyond textbooks and hospital walls, reflecting a deep-seated dedication to fostering positive change within my community and championing the rights of those who often go unheard.


Helen Tarrau

Host Site: This is the Dog!

Title:Social Awareness and Promotion Fellow 

Home Campus: Homestead

Major: Environmental Science 

Hello, my name is Helen Tarrau and I am originally from Cuba and Costa Rica. I am currently studying Environmental Science at Miami Dade College. My hope is to transfer to Cornell University and study entomology, the study of insects, and attend graduate school to become a professor. I am a huge fan of nature and hiking, as well as gardening!

Fiorella Lara 

Host Site: Catalyst Miami

Title: Program Assistant Fellow 

Home Campus: Padron 

My name is Fiorella Lara, I was born in Miami but I am of Chilean and Ecuadorian descent. I’m a freshman at MDC pursuing a Biology major so I can devote myself to aiding others

Didlaine Jacques

Host Site: Belafonte Talcolcy Center

Title: Community Engagement Fellow 

Home Campus: Wolfson

Major: Psychology

Hello, my name is Didlaine Jacques and I was born and raised in Miami, FL.  I’m majoring in Psychology because I aspire to work with children and adults while shedding more light on mental health. Working at the Belafonte Talcolcy Center is an excellent opportunity to work with different people and learn more about them. 



Joleany Sobino

Host Site: Pelican Harbor Seabird Station 

Title: Administrative Fellow

Home Campus: Hialeah 

Major: Pre-Veterinary Science  

I am a Miami Dade College Freshman with a Pre-Veterinary Medicine/Biology Major. I am a friendly, artistic, curious, dedicated, and caring person. I am advancing my knowledge of animals and ways I can learn more about caring for them. I hope to transfer to the University of Florida to continue studying Veterinary Medicine and get accepted to vet school one day. I strive to become an exotic veterinarian and help rehabilitate many different kinds of animals!

Mateo Rivera

Host Site: The Cleo Institute 

Title: Program Assistant Fellow

Home Campus: Wolfson

Major: Political Science

My name is Mateo Rivera, I am a first-year political science major. I was born in Coral Springs and raised in West Palm Beach and recently moved to Miami. I hope to experience as much as I can in the CLF program. I try to learn as much as I can to help others in need.

Vivian Kuchar 

Host Site: Fruit & Spice Park 

Title: Park Ranger Fellow 

Home Campus: Homestead

Major: Pharmacy 

Hi, I am Vivian Kuchar a Civic Leadership Fellow! I work off-campus at Fruit & Spice Park and have been there for about 7 months. I'm completing my prerequisites here at MDC to transfer to FIU and study to become a Pharmacist. A couple of hobbies of mine are drawing, gaming, and recently learning how to cook. 

Domenica Leon 

Host Site: Fruit & Spice 

Title: Field Fellow

Home Campus: Kendall

Major: Mass Communication and Journalism 

Joanne "Domenica" Leon is a passionate and ambitious college student, currently in her second year, pursuing a degree in Mass Communication/Journalism. With an insatiable love for reading and arts, Domenica finds joy in exploring the world of storytelling through various mediums. She has a deep-rooted passion for filmmaking and video production, with dreams of one day making her mark in the movie industry. Domenica's looks forward to using her skills to create captivating and meaningful films that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Shameaka Etienne

Host Site: Women's Breast and Heart Initiative

Title: Program and Digital Education Fellow

Home Campus: North

Shameaka Etienne is a Miami native with Haitian descent. She loves to take on many roles and challenges and is an AYLF fellow and the president of two organizations at MDC’s North Campus alongside working with a non profit organization as a CLF. She loves being apart of the change that occurs within her community and serving those around her. 

Nya Daniel 

Host Site: Touching Miami with Love

Title: Communications and Program Fellow

Home Campus: Homestead

Major: Biology 

Nya was born and raised in Miami, FL. She moved to Homestead in 2021. Currently, she is pursuing her AA degree in Biology and her initiative is to become an OB (Obstetrician). With her Doctorate, she desires to one day own a non-profit Obstetrician Clinic that is open to the community. That achievement was generated through the weekly food distribution that her Church hosts. Her involvement with her community began at the age of 10. Through Good News Ministries’ food distribution, she has firsthand experienced the true joy it is to give unto your community by setting up boxes of produce that also included can goods, poultry, and sweets for people who were in need. Nya’s deep aspiration is to help her community in any way possible and to gain the proper traits to do so. To fulfill this goal, she strives to learn from Touching Miami with Love and be the product of such things.

John Alex Delgado

Host Site: United Home Care 

Title: Program Assistant Fellow

Home Campus: North Campus 

Major: Public Safety Management & Crime Scene Investigation

My name is John Alex Delgado. I was born in Hudson County, New Jersey and raised in Miami, Florida. My dedicated hard work in high school led me to graduate from a small private school called South Florida International Academy with a standard high school diploma. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s major in Crime Scene Investigation and Public Safety Management. My year of graduation is the summer 2024. My goals in life are to graduate on time and to graduate with honors. My work gives me a chance to socialize with people in communities and different organizations. By doing so, working in the iCED department enhances the capabilities of interacting with businesses and fellow companions. These moments are opportunities to be part of a successful future.

Rondale Murphy 

Host Site: Urban Paradise Guild 

Home Campus: North 

Major: Health Services Administration 

Hello I am Rondale Murphy. I am in the health services major but I hope to become a fighter pilot in the future as a future airman. I am passionate about helping people and also improving myself. All change comes within. 


Fernando Jesus Diaz Alas

Host Site: Deering Estate

Title: Administrative fellow

Home Campus: Kendall

Major: Supervision and Management Accounting Concentration

I am Fernando Jesus Diaz Alas. I was born in Cuba and raised in Miami. I am studying Supervision and Management- Accounting Concentration. My hope is to transfer to the University of Florida. I am passionate about Accounting and Management, and I expect to use my knowledge to benefit my community.

Destiny Elestin 

Host Site: Catalyst

Title: Communications Fellow

Home Campus: North

Major: Business Administration

My name is Destiny, and I am currently majoring in Business Administration. I aspire to transfer to a university, out of state, and attain my bachelor's in Business Admin. with a specialty in Analytics, and a Master's in Project Management. I enjoy listening to music, watching anime and movies, and learning about environmental sustainability. I would like to be a Program/Project Manager for a tech company. I am currently learning how to help my community and make a change, and I think this program is a perfect outlet for me to explore ways I can help.

Onely Mendez

Host Site: Citizens for a Better South Florida 

Title: Program Assistant and Education Fellow

Home Campus: Wolfson Campus 

Major: Paralegal Studies 

I was born and raised in Venezuela. In my country I worked as a volunteer in the prevention of domestic violence in women's communities, giving talks and workshops. I lived for 3 years in Chile and I was certified in a Monitor program for the prevention of family violence and human trafficking. My activities are educating migrant communities and doing urban interventions to raise awareness. I have been living in Miami for 3 years and studying EAP English at Wolfson Campus, my goal is to be a paralegal to support migrant communities about their rights and responsibilities as inhabitants of this country, in addition to raising awareness of the care and protection of our home "the earth ".I firmly believe that when you emigrate you have the responsibility to be a significant contribution to the country that welcomes you. 

Adam Ballard

Host Site: Urban Paradise Guild

Title: Field Fellow

Home Campus: North 

Major: Fine Arts 

Adam Ballard was born and raised in Miami, FL. He currently attends Miami Dade College North Campus as a fine arts major and plays Smash Bros. for the school’s MDC Sharks E-sports team. He is involved with several clubs and participates in many volunteer service opportunities. In the future, he wishes to reach a deeper understanding of art and pursue a number 1 ranked spot in the world for Smash Bros. Until then he works as an intern for Urban Paradise Guild enjoying hot summer days caring for and maintaining plant nurseries. With the skills learned with UPG, Adam will better understand how to care for the environment of South Florida as a whole.