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Civic Leadership Fellows Program (CLF): Current Fellows

The Civic Leadership Fellows program matches Federal Work-Study eligible students at Miami Dade College (MDC) who will be Changemakers with an organization dedicated to improving the community and working for the public good.

2023-2024 Fellows

Melanie Young

Host Site: The Motivational Edge

Home Campus: North

Major: Early Childhood Education

My name is Melanie Young, I am a mix of Native American half Cherokee and Half Quechuan and Partly Colombia I was raised in my god family after my mother’s passing from cancer. I am studying at Miami Dade College North Campus. I graduated and achieved my Associate's Degree in Arts in Special Education K-12 on May 4 th, 2019 being a First-Generation Student. Currently, I am studying for a Bachelor of Arts pursuing in Early Childhood Education. However, I have also been approved to minor in Administration of Education. I have a passion and strong pursuit to help motivate and encourage the path of education for the next generation's goals and love to help others in any impact needed. I will be working alongside The Motivational Edge as a CLF employee. My Goal is to help bring a positive encouragement impact to those around me and make a difference to those in need. I will take high dedication and methods to be diligent yet passionate to help the children and adults in my environment. Here I will work hard to build a strong purpose and success in my field.

Sara Dhorasoo 

Host Site: Affirming Youth

Title: Social Media Fellow

Home Campus: Wolfson 

Major: Mass Communication/ journalism

I am 19. I am French, I grew up in Paris and relocated to Miami Beach in 2022. I was in the dance school, “Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Paris” (CRR) from 11 to 16 years old. I love dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics! I was a volunteer at the Kitty Campus in 2023, I love animals, and I have an adorable puppy! I graduated from Miami Beach Senior High in 2023, and I am currently studying Mass Communication and Journalism at MDC Wolfson campus. I am a staff writer for The Reporter, a senator of Wolfson’s Student Government Association, and a Civic Leadership Fellow.

Fiorella Lara 

Host Site: Catalyst Miami

Title: Program Assistant Fellow 

Home Campus: Padron 

My name is Fiorella Lara, I was born in Miami but I am of Chilean and Ecuadorian descent. I’m a freshman at MDC pursuing a Biology major so I can devote myself to aiding others



Joleany Sobino

Host Site: Pelican Harbor Seabird Station 

Title: Administrative Fellow

Home Campus: Hialeah 

Major: Pre-Veterinary Science  

I am a Miami Dade College Freshman with a Pre-Veterinary Medicine/Biology Major. I am a friendly, artistic, curious, dedicated, and caring person. I am advancing my knowledge of animals and ways I can learn more about caring for them. I hope to transfer to the University of Florida to continue studying Veterinary Medicine and get accepted to vet school one day. I strive to become an exotic veterinarian and help rehabilitate many different kinds of animals!

Mateo Rivera

Host Site: The Cleo Institute 

Title: Program Assistant Fellow

Home Campus: Wolfson

Major: Political Science

My name is Mateo Rivera, I am a first-year political science major. I was born in Coral Springs and raised in West Palm Beach and recently moved to Miami. I hope to experience as much as I can in the CLF program. I try to learn as much as I can to help others in need.

Onely Mendez

Host Site: Citizens for a Better South Florida 

Title: Program Assistant and Education Fellow

Home Campus: Wolfson Campus 

Major: Paralegal Studies 

I was born and raised in Venezuela. In my country I worked as a volunteer in the prevention of domestic violence in women's communities, giving talks and workshops. I lived for 3 years in Chile and I was certified in a Monitor program for the prevention of family violence and human trafficking. My activities are educating migrant communities and doing urban interventions to raise awareness. I have been living in Miami for 3 years and studying EAP English at Wolfson Campus, my goal is to be a paralegal to support migrant communities about their rights and responsibilities as inhabitants of this country, in addition to raising awareness of the care and protection of our home "the earth ".I firmly believe that when you emigrate you have the responsibility to be a significant contribution to the country that welcomes you.