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Wolfson Writer's Studio

This guide contains information regarding the writing tutoring services available at the Wolfson Campus.


ESL TutorTips

Welcome to the ESL Writers portion of the training! This section is approximately two hours long and includes the following:

  • Warm-up Activity



  • Basic ESL Concepts Presentation and Activity
  • Reading and Reflection                                                    
  • Role Play


By the end of the session, you should be able to

  • describe the challenges that writing in a foreign language presents
  • explain how your understanding of some basic ESL concepts might have an effect on your interaction with ESL writers
  • share some strategies for helping ESL writers improve their grammar without becoming an editor

If you are participating in a face-to-face training, you will participate in discussions and produce a written response to the reflection questions after reading Chapter 10 of "ESL Writers."

If you are completing the training on your own, please proceed to the "ESL Slides" PowerPoint below. Be sure to read the slide notes and respond to the self-study questions on the bottom of this page.

ESL Training Self-Study Questions

  1. How might your awareness of the concepts listed below influence the way you conduct a tutoring session with an ESL writer?
    • Common Underlying Proficiency
    • Generation 1 vs. Generation 1.5 writers
    • BICS and CALP
    • Affective filter


  1. Please respond to the following questions after reading Chapter 10 (Editing Line by Line) from "ESL Writers: A Guide for Writing Center Tutors."
    • Which of the six error types mentioned in the chapter do you feel most confident you could help an ESL writer to understand and correct? Which error type would be most difficult for you to explain?
    • What strategies for sentence-level editing of an ESL writer's texts are presented in the chapter?