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Spring 2023 Padron Learning Resources Events

Explore a variety of programs and activities, all hosted in Learning Resources - Padron campus!

Women's History Month - March

Tuesday 3/28

Tuesday, March 28, 2023 -  Literati Book Club

1:00PM - 


Work Won't Love You Back by Sarah Jaffe 

You're told that if you "do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." Whether it's working for "exposure" and "experience," or enduring poor treatment in the name of "being part of the family," all employees are pushed to make sacrifices for the privilege of being able to do what we love. In Work Won't Love You Back, Sarah Jaffe, a preeminent voice on labor, inequality, and social movements, examines this "labor of love" myth—the idea that certain work is not really work, and therefore should be done out of passion instead of pay. Told through the lives and experiences of workers in various industries—from the unpaid intern, to the overworked teacher, to the nonprofit worker and even the professional athlete—Jaffe reveals how all of us have been tricked into buying into a new tyranny of work. Hosted by Librarian Isabel Duque. 

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National Poetry Month - April

Wednesday 4/05

Wednesday, April 5, 2023 -  Manga Appreciation Day

12:00PM - 


Manga Appreciation Day

Join us for games, Japanese snacks, and a discussion on the history and impact of manga. 

Padron Campus
Learning Resources - Room 6011
627 SW 27 AVE
Miami, FL 33135

Tuesday 4/18

Tuesday, April 18, 2023 -  Literati Book Club

1:00PM - 


Time Is a Mother by Ocean Vuong 

In this deeply intimate second poetry collection, Ocean Vuong searches for life among the aftershocks of his mother’s death, embodying the paradox of sitting within grief while being determined to survive beyond it. Hosted by Librarian Isabel Duque. 

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National Library Week (4/23 - 4/29)

April 23 - April 29 

National Library Week

National Library Week is an annual celebration highlighting the valuable role libraries, librarians, and library workers play in transforming lives and strengthening our communities.