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Resources for #ClimateChange Research


Niels Bohr  

The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. The opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth.  Niels Bohr


Essential Reading:
1.   New York Magazine: Uninhabitable Earth

2.   Rolling Stone: Terrifying New Math: 3 simple numbers that add up to global catastrophe & that make clear who the real enemy is 
3.   New York Magazine
: UN Says Climate Genocide Is Coming. It’s Actually Worse Than That 
4.   Salon: On Climate Change, It's Time to Start Panicking

5.   Rolling Stone: Houston: A Global Warning
6.   EcoWatch: 
Scientists Warn We May Be on Track to Hothouse Earth
Rolling Stone: Welcome to the Age of Planet Migration 
8.   Time: Climate Change May Be Spreading Flesh-Eating Bacteria to Unexpected Waters
9.   BBC: European heatwave: France hits record temperature of 45.9C [114 F] 
10. Bill Moyers
Climate Change’s Catastrophic New Math 
11. Newsweek: Climate Change will Expose Millions of People in U.S. to Off-the-Charts' Extreme Heat

12. The Atlantic: How Climate Change Could Trigger the Next Global Financial Crisis
13. The Orlando Sun Sentinel: The Gulf Stream is slowing down. That could mean rising seas and a hotter Florida

Short Video -- Climate Change: Do the Math 


Carbon Tracker
Global Carbon Atlas
Changemaking & Whole Systems Sustainability: Recommended Websites and Online Resources
Fossil Fuel-free funds Outperforms Conventional Funds
Science AAAS: Climate Change Could Cost U.S. Coasts $1 Trillion by 2100
CNN: Climate Change Could Cost Over $100 Billion a Year 
The Budding Health Care Costs of Climate Change
Climate change will cost the U.S. hundreds of billions, report warns & Estimating the cost of Climate Change

NRDC: Who Pays for Climate Change? & 
NRDC: Health and Climate Change--Accounting for Costs
Billion-Dollar Weather and Climate Disasters: Overview

Climate Progress: Climate Change Solutions Super Cheap & Fixing Climate Change May Add No Costs
Climate Change Costs from NPR's Market Place
Slaying the "Zombies" of Climate Science: TEDxAtlanta

Greendex – World-wide Green Consumerism & Greendex Personal Green Consumerism Survey
Water Footprint calculator