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Translation and Interpretation - Library Resources: Periodicals & Journals

Stats-@-A-Glance for Periodicals & Journals

These days, most periodicals and journals are available in an electronic format through databases.  As electronic formats offer the greatest amount of access, whenever possible, MDC purchases titles as part of a database.  However, print titles for your discipline are available in print if needed.  Below is a list of the key periodicals and journals for your discipline.

Print Periodical located at Padron Campus

The ATA Chronicle

Periodicals available through the library databases

Legacy (in Educators Reference Complete)
Approaches to Translation Studies (in Literary Reference Center Plus)
Interpretation Journal (in Academic Search Complete)
Interpreting: International Journal of Research & Practice in Interpreting (in Communication and Mass Media Complete)
Journal of Interpretation Research (in Communication and Mass Media Complete)

Find Periodicals

Click the button below to search for Periodicals & Journals in the MDC Libraries. 

To Log On Into a Database to Access a Periodical or Journal:   
  • Username= MDC student or employee number;
  • PIN = last 4 digits of MDC student or employee number.

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