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Sociology Library Resources: eVideos

Kanopy : Sociology Collection: Unintended consequences

FGM on Demand (Films on Demand)

There are hundreds of streaming videos available for viewing 24/7 from anywhere on Films on Demand.  Try the selected videos!  After viewing any of the videos, feel free to search for other topics by using the search window near the top of the page.

Urbanization and Resources

More than half the world's population lives in cities, supported by large amounts of agricultural land. In 2011, 20% of the world's population consumed 80% of the world's food and energy. View Video.

Social Change and Cultural Stress

From the mid-1960s to the early 1980s, Latin America experiences tumultuous times. It was a time of social change and cultural stress. The literature of this period reflects these dynamic tensions. View Video.

NBC Learn

NBC Learn Video Carousel

Conformity: In the Real-Life Lab

When people decide whether or not to follow the crowd, what happens inside their brains? This ABC News program explores that question, highlighting neurological research that helps explain conformity and sheds light on the complex relationship between group and individual behavior. Placing test subjects in candid-camera style settings, the program illustrates how social pressures can alter visual perception and interpretation—often causing people to behave strangely or give answers they know are wrong, simply to avoid looking different. The implications of these misadventures are backed up by MRI experiments that study brain activity. (10 minutes).  View Video.

Understanding the Transformation of Human Character

Social institutions look within human disposition to understand behavior. Social psychologists look within the behavioral context for answers to the same questions. View Video.

What is Sociology: Core Concepts- Social Change

Sociologists study how and why societies are becoming different. Learn how globalization affects societies.              View Video.

Social Problems and Inequality

Wilkinson's graphs show how social problems such as high school drop-outs, number of prisons, social mobility, and more are more important in societies in which greater inequality exists. View Video.