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SPC1017 | Professor Adams: Presentation


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Mental Health Project

As a group, you will thoroughly research your informative topic. You will research a number of sources to find out what has been printed. To be more specific, you are thoroughly addressing the following areas: 

  • Define your topic. What is it? 
  • Address the symptoms.
  • At-risk groups? Are there certain populations (think gender, occupation, age, etc.) at risk of developing the mental health topic you are researching? 
  • Academic Scholars: When you go to the Academic Databases, what is being published? What are the different standpoints on your selected topics? 
  • How is it portrayed in the media (newspaper, TV, social media? (Think past and present)
  • How are college students dealing with this mental health topic?  

You are only presenting the research on your topic. This is not a persuasive speech. Your opinion is not relevant in an informative speech. You are only presenting the research on the topic assigned to your group.

Group Tasks
  • Create a PowerPoint to present your research. (A minimum of 12-15 slides)
  • Reporting the contributions of each group member (even if they did not contribute).  
  • Completing a Full-Sentence Outline on your research. (An outline guide is provided for you. It should follow this format). 
  • Completing a Reference Page that follows APA formatting. 
  • Present your findings in Zoom.
    • Each in-class presentation will be 20 minutes in length.
    • Each open presentation will be 7-8 minutes in length. 
Tips for Group Work

Utilize Technology. Group Chats are great but limiting. Use Google Docs. Google Docs allows multiple people to work on the same document one time. This is ideal because you are able to see everyone in your groups' contribution. Watch the following video for an instruction video for clarification: "How To Use Google Docs-Beginners"

Keep A Positive Attitude. We've all had negative group experiences. It can suck, I know. However, working in a group teaches you how to work with varying personalities. Go in with a positive attitude and remember, it's not forever. 

Keep Your Word. If you say you're going to do something, do it. If you don't know how to complete a task, ask for help. If you run into trouble, speak up.

Tools & Resources

Office 365 Student Advantage

Office 365 Student Advantage

Collaborate on a project with your group anytime, anywhere. Office 365 allows you to create, edit, and view files online while fellow group members do the same. Access the latest versions of Office Suite with your MDC student email account, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more.

Link to Office 365:

PowerPoint and Office 365

Writing tutors and EnTec tutors are trained and ready to help with PowerPoint questions.

Recommended Databases