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The Faculty Excellence Portal (FEP)

This portal has been developed by the SAI Teaching and Learning Committee as a resource for faculty excellence at Miami Dade College. Please use the many resources you find and share your own tips and best practices through the various social media links.


Motivated faculty are committed to the teaching profession at MDC, strive to achieve excellence in teaching, service and scholarship, and inspire students to persist and reach their academic goals.

Excellent MDC faculty aspire to:

  • Exhibit passion about their impact in the classroom and beyond with students, colleagues, the college and community at large.
  • Embrace the challenges and opportunities of teaching in an open access college.
  • Set challenging educational goals for students and exemplify a strong commitment to education as a profession.
  • Are committed to and believe in the ability of students to learn and motivate sustained student effort.
  • Serve as leaders with other faculty, enthusiastically dedicating their work to projects for student benefit.
  • Consider the many roles of students as learners, workers, and family members.