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The Faculty Excellence Portal (FEP)

This portal has been developed by the SAI Teaching and Learning Committee as a resource for faculty excellence at Miami Dade College. Please use the many resources you find and share your own tips and best practices through the various social media links.


Interpersonal skills involve getting along with MDC colleagues and students, and community members by communicating effectively, and collaborating productively.

Excellent MDC faculty aspire to:

  • Create classroom climates that are inclusive, supportive and conducive to learning. 
  • Are diplomatic, resolve conflicts, solve problems, and make decisions or take action in respectful and ethical ways. 
  • Listen thoughtfully to what students and co-workers say; have the courage and openness to change and innovate. 
  • Work collaboratively, communicate well in teams, and display positive attitudes and flexibility. 
  • Are available to students and colleagues and are responsive to their needs and concerns; show empathy and compassion. 


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