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The Faculty Excellence Portal (FEP)

This portal has been developed by the SAI Teaching and Learning Committee as a resource for faculty excellence at Miami Dade College. Please use the many resources you find and share your own tips and best practices through the various social media links.


Discipline experts know the content, organization, methods and language of their fields, and how to effectively convey that to MDC students. 

Excellent MDC faculty aspire to:

  • Possess substantial, in-depth discipline knowledge and remain inquisitive; are discipline role models for their students. 
  • Integrate multiple perspectives representing experts' ongoing work in their field. 
  • Utilize current and innovative technologies and approaches relevant to the discipline. 
  • Network and collaborate with peers and participate in professional projects and/or research. 
  • Contribute in substantial ways to discipline, cross-discipline, inter-professional efforts. 
  • Align their work with MDC's Learning Outcomes and real world applications related to the discipline. 

Best Practices