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The Faculty Excellence Portal (FEP)

This portal has been developed by the SAI Teaching and Learning Committee as a resource for faculty excellence at Miami Dade College. Please use the many resources you find and share your own tips and best practices through the various social media links.


Expert teachers have exceptional skill in teaching practices that transform student learning at MDC.

Excellent MDC faculty aspire to:

  • Provide students with a variety of both established and innovative ways of learning that stimulate intellectual curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. 
  • Provide a variety of experiential, collaborative, and technology-based learning opportunities for students. 
  • Are attuned to infer and assess learning progress during instruction and flexibly adjust teaching plans or practices. 
  • Improve teaching through feedback, ongoing professional development and other means. 
  • Assess student learning fairly and provide constructive feedback in a timely manner to positively influence the learning process. 
  • Inspire students to appreciate the value of their particular disciplines, higher education, and lifelong learning. 

Best Practices