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Open Educational Resources (OER) | English Discipline: Finding OER

Collection of Open Educational Resources pertaining to and supporting the English Discipline at Miami Dade College

Open Educational Resources | English Discipline at Miami Dade College

How to Search for Open Educational Resources Infographic

OER Metafinder
OER Repositories

There are a multitude of OER out there to choose from, including textbooks, courses, multimedia, data, and supplementary materials. These can be found by searching regular search engines (like Google) by using certain keywords but it is much easier to find them through dedicated OER repositories or websites. The examples below are just a sampling of such repositories and websites.

OER Textbooks, Courses, & Materials




Supplemental Materials

Supplemental, or ancillary, OER materials can include lecture notes, lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, assignments, and activities.

Other OER Lists

Many universities have research guides related to finding OER and provide lists of various repositories and resources.