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SPC 1017 - Professor Lujan: Citing Sources and Plagiarism

SPC 1017 is a survey course into the field of human communication. Students will explore the various facets of communication (e.g., interpersonal, small group, business/professional, public and mass) by applying theories, models and concepts from various


Apa Style CENTRAL Video

Citation Builders

Use these tools cautiously. Double-check results. You may need to make some changes.

These are free tools that assist you in creating in-text citations and citations for your references page.

APA Style Podcasts

Plagiarism 2.0: Information Ethics in the Digital Age (21:36)

For a generation raised on the ideology of “open source” and the ability to quickly cut and paste, the concept of plagiarism may seem foreign or passé. And that, of course, can lead to trouble. This video examines the behaviors that constitute plagiarism, their consequences, and the best ways to avoid them. View Video.

Examples of References in APA Style