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English Composition | Professor Calderin: Welcome

This guide contains resources for students of Prof. Victor Calderin's Courses

Professor Victor Calderin's English Composition Courses

Welcome to English Composition

Welcome to English Composition with Professor Victor Calderin. This is the first required general core course in college-level writing. The course focuses on composing essays and other works using various methods of development. It also fulfills the Gordon Rule requirement.

Information pertaining to the course, assignments, grading, and other information can be found on Blackboard.

Blackboard Collaborate sessions will also be available throughout the semester where you can virtually "meet" with Professor Calderin, tutors, and librarians.

Incorporating Research Into Your Paper

Once you've decided on your thesis statement, a great place to continue your research in order to incorporate scholarly, peer-reviewed articles into your research paper is through your college library and with your campus librarian. The MDC collection includes numerous databases containing articles as well as physical and electronic books on a variety of subjects.

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