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NUR 2680L: Community Needs Assessment Paper: Home

Resources for the NUR-2680L QEP paper, the Community Needs Assessment.


How to use this guide:

This guide contains links to library materials and web resources to assist you with your Community Needs Assessment paper. It also includes tutorials and a template to help you with writing your paper in APA citation style. If your professor provided you with documents that contradict these on this guide, please defer to those.

Before you start, refer to the following documents to guide how you define the community you will be assessing, research it, and write your paper:

Paper Requirements

Your paper must be...

  • Between 750-1000 words
  • Use a minimum of two (2) scholarly sources
    • Examples: Healthy People 2030 & CDC
  • APA, 7th ed. for citations and formatting
    • Third person, bias-free language, academic tone
    • Font: Times New Roman 12pt; Arial or Calibri 11pt
    • Double-spaced and 1-inch margins