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Ileana Porges-West

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Blog Assignments and Deadlines

Due Date


Feb. 15

·         Create your group blog: include your company, company logo and an interesting fact about your company.  Create a link to the corporate site with APA citation.

        All Blogs will be created in Backboard.


·         How has your company’s stock performed in the last year?

o   Be sure to use your own words. Include a graph.

·         Post stock price as 2/14.

o   Post updated stock price on the 14th of every month. 


·         Post two website links (not corporate website) related to the company or providing company information from the LibGuide. These should be links that helped you with research for this project that you want to remember.

o   Acceptable sites:NY Times, Barron's, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and CNN Money are just a few good ones. Include APA citations for two articles that you found about your company from a library database or acceptable source that are less than a year old.

·         Include a summary of each article

Apr. 26

·         Write an entry on what is going on in your company and what economic or political factors you think will influence the stock price in the next 30 days.  Compare and contrast your company's US and international home pages for presentation and content.


·         Post a link to an article related to international or intercultural business communication. Write a summary of the article and its implications for us as business people, and your company’s operation in foreign markets.

·         Does your company have any ecofriendly products or initiatives, or has your company been cited for its lack of environmental awareness? Include a link to your source.


·         Post final price of stock as of close 4/15 and discuss how has the stock performed over the course of the semester. (Is this similar to other companies in the same industry?

·         Include interesting information on your company from current news articles.

Note: all blog posts have a 100 word minimum and require APA citation. If you decide to research a publicly traded company with international operations, please obtain your professor's approval.

List of Companies
Tyson Foods Unilever ExxonMobil
Canon Heineken Pillsbury
Yum Brands American Airlines Starbucks
Microsoft Nike Alphabet
General Mills Tiffany Chevron
Marriott Adidas Airbus
Texas Instruments Adobe Colgate-Pamolive
Allergan Dow Kellogg
Apple Walmart Disney
Ford Motor Tesla Samsung Electronics
Phillip Morris JP Morgan Chase Ulta Beauty
BP Toyota Industries Abbott
Mondelez Chipotle Accenture
Deloitt LLP Hewlett Packard Subaru
Bank of America AT&T Nestle


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Branly Fontaine

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