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2021 Padron Teaching and Learning Symposium: Home

This guide houses information for the 2021 Padron Campus Teaching and Learning Symposium. The T&L Symposium offers an opportunity to highlight faculty and students work on campus, including best practices, new pedagogy, etc.

Virtual Room for Welcome and Keynote Address                   

Virtual Rooms open 15 min. before sessions


Welcome to the Padrón Campus 4th Annual Teaching and Learning Symposium. This is a day full of learning opportunities, celebrating the magnificent work of faculty and students, and showing our resiliency as we envision and create a future together.

We hope you are able to learn something that will make a positive difference during your work with students.

All presentations will be recorded and housed on this page. So, come back later to view those presentations you could not attend.

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History of the Symposium


On April 9, 2021, the Padrón Campus will host the Teaching and Learning Symposium. This event was born when three departments—the Faculty Institute of Teaching and Learning, the Honors College, and the School of Education, joined forces providing a forum for faculty and students to share with the larger campus community the great work produced throughout the academic year. Today, the symposium is an annual event that celebrates teaching and learning, providing a space for faculty and students to showcase innovative, creative and diverse curricular and co-curricular activities that shape classrooms and workspaces of today and of the future. The symposium:

  • Celebrates innovation in teaching and learning;
  • Promotes novel and unique uses of technology;
  • Facilitates new approaches and methods for helping students learn how to learn and take ownership of their learning;
  • Highlights successful teaching practices that enrich student learning experiences promotes deep learning, metacognition, and inspires critical inquiry;
  • Engages the campus community in conversations around the use of active, transformative, and inclusive teaching practices; and
  • Support and encourage ingenuity and forward-thinking.

The symposium provides an opportunity for colleagues across campus to engage in thoughtful conversations about teaching and learning practices that are effective in transforming the experiences of diverse learners. Please join us to celebrate the exceptional work Padrón Campus faculty and students do every day!

3rd Annual T & L Symposium 2020

MDC - Digital Commons

The MDC Digital Commons hosts digital collections of faculty and students work at the institution.  Visit us.



Welcome Remarks


Dr. Alanka Brown, President, Padrón Campus
Dr. Alfredo León, Interim Dean of Faculty, Padrón Campus


Keynote Speaker


Mr. Richard Blanco 
Inaugural Poet, Education Ambassador, Gay Rights Advocate, and Cuban-American Writer 
Keynote Address: Writing as Resilience


Pre-Recorded Sessions

OER & Open Pedagogy at MDC: Looking at Current Resources & Introducing OpenSkill
Janea Judge-Hemans, Instructor, Speech Communication, Padrón Campus
Emmanuela Franck, COAP Grant Program Manager, North Campus

Make any Video Interactive with Playposit
Maria Guerrero, Professor Math and Natural Science, Padrón Campus

Cognitive Strategies in Content Comprehension
Anna Guerrero, Professor School of Education, Padrón Campus


Concurrent Session 1


       Instructional Design & Resiliency
Leslie Bofill, Associate Director, Learning Resources, Padrón Campus
Derek Dorsett, Instructional Designer, WeLearn 366 Institute, Padrón Campus

       Let's Make a Dinosaur Tree Based on What You See: Cladograms
Jaeson Clayborn, Professor Math and Natural Science, Padrón Campus


   Concurrent Session 2

       EAP Student Reflections on the Documentary "Seeding Change"
Adrianne Thompson, Professor English for Academic Purposes, Padrón Campus

       Time to Start Slacking: Returning Presence and Connection to Our Online Classrooms
Belkis Cabrera, Director of WeLearn366 Institute, Padrón Campus      


   Concurrent Session 3

       Science Students Engage in Padrón Campus Learning Resources by Way of Immersion in Sustainability
Beth Cloues, Professor/Librarian, Padrón Campus
Rene Revuelta, Professor Math and Natural Science, Padrón Campus 
Isabel Duque, Librarian, Padrón Campus   


Special Session


      Negotiating Poetry
Richard Blanco, Keynote Speaker


   Concurrent Session 4


·     IMPACT on Haiti
Nathalie Cajuste, School of Education Faculty, Padrón Campus

·     And Each Shall Stand Equal: My Journey into the Law from MDC to JD
Allari Dominguez, Broward County Public Defender, MDC Alumna


Concurrent Session 5

      The Nature of Borders. Borders in Nature
Ulrich Oslender, Professor, Florida International University

       Walden, Stewardship & The Environmentally-Themed ENC 1101
Sandra Castillo, Writing and Social Science Professor, Kendall Campus


Concurrent Session 6

       Video Surveillance: Community Service Projects to Understand Imperiled Butterfly Ecology
Jaeson Clayborn, Professor Math and Natural Science, Padrón Campus
Jennifer Iturralde, Honors College, Padrón Campus
Maria Abella, Honors College, Padrón Campus


Closing Remarks