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Civic Action Portfolio: Home

What is a Civic Action Portfolio?

A Civic Action Portfolio (CAP) is the ongoing compilation of both documentation and reflection on completed civic actions throughout your career at MDC. Spearheaded and managed by MDC’s Institute for Civic Action and Democracy (iCED), these portfolios have given many MDC students a competitive edge in transfer, scholarship, and work applications.

A Civic Action Portfolio may be considered “an organized representation of you as an active participant in civic life!” That is, throughout your college career, you will complete, document, and reflect on civic actions and present them in an organized manner to showcase your contributions to society. The various civic actions you do can be completed and presented in many ways, and iCED allows a range of creative expression. However, remember that your portfolio should be public facing so that you can turn it in to iCED and link it to your professional résumé easily.

Civic Action Portfolio Requirements

Each civic action in your portfolio must have the following components:

  1. Civic Action Item # and name (from the Scorecard).
  2. Date(s) the Civic Action was carried out .
  3. Required documentation: At minimum, each Civic Action requires proof that the action was completed.
    1. Flyers, agendas, or meeting minutes to show evidence that the event or meeting referenced took place.
    2. A Certificate of Completion with the participant's name and date of completion.
    3. Third-party proof such as log of EasyCard use, museum entrance pass, film screening ticket stub, or public meeting attendance records.
    4. For submissions using photos as documentation, see Photo Documentation Guidelines.
  4. Citation of external sources (if applicable).
  5. The reflection component of each Civic Action Item is suggested to be worth 50% of the points allocated for the item but may be modified by a course instructor. Reflections may be written, recorded, or crafted. Faculty may specify which reflection method students are required to use for Civic Action Items assigned in their courses.

The Civic Action Scorecard is your guide to the types of civic actions that can be included in your portfolio.

Photo Documentation Guidelines

  1. Photos serve as supplemental documentation. 
  2. Photo should show the individual completing the Civic Action. Selfies are accepted.  
  3. All photos submitted as documentation must clearly demonstrate the context of the event or Civic Action.

Examples of ACCEPTABLE photo documentation:

  • For documentation of riding public transit, the photo must show the individual in a bus, train, trolley, etc. 
  • For documentation of attending an event, the photo must show the individual at the event.
  • Background context of the event taking place is necessary.
  • Group photos taken by event organizer or member of the media. 

Examples of UNACCEPTABLE photo documentation:

  • Photos with no background context.
  • Photos without the individual. 
  • Photos that were taken before the Civic Action was started.

Civic Action Awards

Having completed at least 100 points worth of civic actions, you can submit your portfolio to iCED and apply for a Civic Action Award. Civic Action Award recipients receive:

  • Civic Action Award Bronze, Silver, or Gold Lapel
  • Letter of Commendation from Miami Dade College
  • Recognition at annual campus celebration event
  • Addition to MDC Service Transcript
  • Addition to resume or curriculum vitae for scholarship and employment applications
  • Bragging rights



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