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MDC empowers students as a Changemaker Campus.

Changemaker Symposium

Changemaker Symposium


End Human Trafficking

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Changemaker Symposium:  Human Growth and Development

Awareness in Action: Think Globally, Act Locally

Description: Students will select one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal and/or target goal. Students will research the goal, international agencies currently addressing the goal, and the implications of the goal in the field of psychology and human development (i.e. violence, gender equality, human trafficking).  Students will present their projects to inform peers about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and their relevance in the field of psychology and human development.  Students will be required to present this project in a presentation in class.

Criteria for grading: The project should reflect mastery of both the research topics and their relevance in the field of psychology. All projects must include:

  1. Goal or target goal chosen
  2. Select a relevant theory in develop to support your goal
  3. Significance of the goal in the field of psychology (what do we know about its impact on individuals) Select a period of development.
  4. International or Local agencies already working on the goal (i.e. World Health Organization, World Bank, UNICEF), and the effectiveness of their projects.
  5. What can be done? How can you effectively create change? (Be creative) o Awareness campaign (how can you inform others) o Service project (what would/will you do locally)  References
  6. Projects, of course, require clarity, proper grammar and spelling. If the paper is unclear and/or indicates that you put in little or no effort, your project will not be accepted/graded. Please proofread your writing and/or contact the writing center for assistance.
  7. Sources: Acceptable sources of information include peer-reviewed articles, .org, and .gov websites. All information must be cited throughout poster presentation. 

Project S.A.F.E. Your disability doesn't define you.

Students Presenting

OHANA Giving a Voice to Neglected Children

Speak Out


S.H.U. Safe Home Unit

Safe Home Unit