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Faculty Hub for Teaching and Learning Across Multiple Modalities: Changemaking Resources

This guide is designed to assist MDC faculty with their teaching methodology and pedagogy across multiple modalities


              What Makes You a Changemaker?

          Cultivating our MDC attributes will help you serve as a changemaker


Empathy                        Reflection                    Resilience                   Action


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Institute of Civic Engagement & Democracy Resources

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General Education & Project-based Learning 

Tools, tips, and advice for successful online learning transitions 

Service-learning, Changemaking, & Civic Engagement 

Tools, tips, and resources for starting or maintaining a civically minded, community-engaged online teaching practice 

Digital Service & Civic Action - Local Opportunities 

Local service or civic action opportunities while practicing social distancing 

 Civic Action Score Card

What is Changemaking?

Changemakers Work to Improve Living Conditions for Everyone and the Planet

You can make the world a better place by learning deeply about issues that matter to you and taking action to create positive change in those areas.

There are many ways to create change: volunteering for service, advocating for policy or systemic change, assisting with critical fundraising, proposing creative and innovative solutions, or running ventures that support social and environmental concerns. Whatever their path of action, changemakers thrive on keeping a positive frame of mind, an entrepreneurial spirit and the determination to work for the benefit of all.