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Video Development Group


Create videos and tutorials to enhance student use and learning of Learning Resources products and services.

Goals 2021-22

Goal 1: To produce at least five new video tutorials per semester. 

Goal 2: To create thumbnails to improve ease of identification of video content. 

Goal 3: To evaluate existing videos to prioritize updates. 

Goals 2020-21

Goal 1: To provide research support through the development of IL Tutorials, at least five per semester.

Goal 2: To categorize videos into two categories (Research and Services) and expand as necessary.

Goal 3: To pilot a program to convert the three most viewed videos in Spanish.

Goal 4: To update existing videos as needed to reflect changes in library resources.  

Goal 5: To evaluate Articulate 360 software for the creation of interactive tutorials.  

Group Members

Zoila De Yurre
Wolfson Campus

Zoila De Yurre

(305) 237-7454

Lizeth Garcia
Homestead Campus


(305) 237-5021

Ivan Toledo
Medical Campus

Ivan Toledo

(305) 237-4325

Carla Clark
Medical Campus


(305) 237-4342

Adria Leal
Wolfson Campus


(305) 237-3449

Jenny Saxton
Kendall Campus


(305) 237-2075

Jhony Molina
Wolfson Campus

Jhony Molina

(305) 237-3144

Jennifer Vargas
North Campus


(305) 237-8394

Teresa Cusidor
Padrón Campus

Teresa Cusidor

(305) 237-6054

Leslie Bofill
Padrón Campus


(305) 237-6161